Vacuum Packaging


How Does It Help?

  • Vacuum packing helps BLACK CARDAMOM in removing air from the bag it is stored in.
  • This gets rid of oxygen which affects the cardamom pod in various ways including Aroma ,Color ,Taste & Texture and allows for Longer Storage.
  • Certain types of bacteria cannot grow without oxygen.
  • The vacuum pump extracts the moisture from the product, the bag and the packet. This prevents the aerobic bacteria from vastly multiplying, putting a hold on the deterioration of the food product.
  • This way you can store, prepare and serve your products for an extended period of time.

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging

Prevention of freezer burn.

No loss of product

Improvement of food quality.

No contamination.

Extended shelf life of food products.

Optimal product and storage possibilities.

Professional product presentation.

Optimal packaging, compatible with food safety and HACCP standards.

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